VSP 8600 Components: SFP, SFP+, QSFP+, QSFP28 Support

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This section provides data for compatibility for Extreme Networks SFP, SFP+, QSFP+, and QSFP28 transceiver modules with the VSP 8600 series switches.

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VSP 8600 Series Switches: Optics Support

Pluggable Interface TypePart No.Comments
1Gb SFP+ Transceivers
1000BASE-T SFP, 8-pin modular RJ45 connectorAA1419043-E6
1000BASE-SX LC SFP, GbEAA1419048-E6Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface
1000BASE-LX LC SFP, GbEAA1419049-E6Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface
1000BASE-BX LC SFP, GbE, wavelength 1310nmAA1419069-E6Must be paired with AA1419070-E6 (10 km)
1000BASE-BX LC SFP, wavelength 1490nm AA1419070-E6Must be paired with AA1419069-E6 (10 km)
10Gb SFP+ Transceivers
10GBASE-SR LC SFP+, 10 GbEAA1403015-E6Supports high modal bandwidth MMF (50um, 2000 mHz*km) for interconnects up to 300 m; core 62.5um fiber also supported
10GBASE-SR LC SFP+, 10 GbE (high temperature 0°C - 85°C)AA1403015-E6HTSupports high modal bandwidth MMF (50um, 2000 mHz*km) for interconnects up to 300 m; core 62.5um fiber supported
10GBASE-LR LC SFP+, 10 GbEAA1403011-E6Supports single-mode fiber for interconnects up to 10 km
10GBASE-LR LC SFP+,, 10GbE (high temperature 0°C - 85°C)AA1403011-E6HTSupports single-mode fiber for interconnects up to 10 km
10GBASE-LRM LC SFP+, 10GbEAA1403017-E6Supports FDDI grade (62.5u) multi-mode fiber (MMF) installations for interconnects up to 220 m
10GBASE-ER LC SFP+, 10GbEAA1403013-E6Supports single-mode fiber for interconnects up to 40 km
10GBase-ZR/ZW SFP+AA1403016-E6Supports single-mode fiber for interconnects up to 80 km
10GBASE-BX LC SFP+, 10 km, wavelength TX: 1270nm RX: 1330nmAA1403169-E6Must be paired with AA1403170-E6
10GBASE-BX LC SFP+, 10 km, wavelength TX: 1330nm RX: 1270nmAA1403170-E6Must be paired with AA1403169-E6
40Gb QSFP+ Transceivers
40GBASE-SR4/4X10GBASE-SR MPO/MTP QSFP+AA1404005-E6Up to 150 m over OM4 MMF
40GBASE-ESR4/4X10GBASE-SR MPO/MTP QSFP+, 850nmAA1404006-E6Up to 300 m over OM4 MMF
40GBASE-LR4 LC QSFP+AA1404001-E6Up to 10 km over SMF
40GBASE-LM4 LC QSFP+AA1404002-E6Up to 80 m on OM3 and OM4 MMF
40GBASE-ER4 LC QSFP+AA1404003-E6Up to 30 km on SMF
100Gb QSFP28 Transceivers
100GBASE-SR4 AA1405005-E6
10Gb Active Copper DAC SFP+
3 meters SFP+ to SFP+AA1403019-E6
5 meters SFP+ to SFP+AA1403020-E6
7 meters SFP+ to SFP+AA1403022-E6
10 meters SFP+ to SFP+AA1403018-E6
40GbPassive Copper DAC
0.5 meters QSFP+ TO QSFP+AA1404037-E6
1 meter QSFP+ TO QSFP+AA1404029-E6
2 meters QSFP+ TO QSFP+AA1404030-E6
3 meters QSFP+ TO QSFP+AA1404031-E6
5 meters QSFP+ TO QSFP+AA1404032-E6
40Gb Active Optical Cable DAC
10 meters QSFP+ TO QSFP+AA1404028-E6
40Gb to 4x10Gb Passive Copper Breakout DAC
1 meter QSFP+ TO SFP+AA1404033-E6
3 meters QSFP+ TO SFP+AA1404035-E6
5 meters QSFP+ TO SFP+AA1404036-E6
40Gb to 4x10Gb Active Optical Breakout Cable DAC
10 meters QSFP+ to SFP+AA1404041-E6
100Gb QSFP to QSFP Passive Copper DAC
1 meter QSFP+8 to QSFP28 100GAA1405029-E6
3 meters QSFP+8 to QSFP28 100GAA1405031-E6
5 meters QSFP+8 to QSFP28 100GAA1405032-E6

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