Why Securing SDN Should Be Your Top Priority


Another month, another massive customer data breach. With IT environments increasingly defined by cloud applications, mobile devices, and shadow IT applications, new threats are metastasizing in ways IT has never experienced before; resulting in huge losses in revenue, reputation, and credibility to more and more organizations.

Senior Director of Solutions Architectures at Extreme, Salvador Ferrer, will highlight the architectural vulnerabilities, and will cut through the hype, reality, and the impact these exposures have on network security. Fortinet’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Warren Wu, will discuss visibility and control challenges in today’s cloud and SDN environments, and how universal threat management can help create deep and broad security postures that are more agile and proactive.

Join this live webinar to learn:

  • How SDN provides a foundation for more flexible and proactive security posture
  • How to leverage the underlay network to protect against attacks
  • How network analytics from data center to edge mitigate threats from rogue applications, devices, and user types