What You Can’t See Can Hurt You – 3 Key Trends in Data Center Security and Management


‘Software-Defined’ Data Centers are intended to increase agility and efficiency, but the reality is, most Data Center management is still segmented into traditional Server/ Storage/Network silos. As a result, despite software-driven advances in control, analytics, and security, the status quo remains largely defined by guesswork and inflexible, isolated systems unable to adapt to changing organizational requirements.

Please join Markus Nispel, of Extreme Networks, and Rajesh Venkatraman of VMware to learn how you can take advantage of these new innovations, trends, and architectures and achieve the following benefits:

  • Overcome limitations and extend wider IT-driven benefits than ever before
  • Deliver more agility to users, organizations, and broader IT groups
  • Better user experiences, centrally track applications, and improve security across public and private clouds

Together we will also explore real-world examples of how the integration of Extreme Networks Management and Analytics applications with the VMware vRealize Suite Cloud Management Platform can help you:

  • Drive down operating costs
  • Simplify management across the private/public cloud
  • Improve how new services are developed and delivered