The Right Way To Do BYOD


This webinar deals with the technology challenges and best practices for building an intelligent network to support BYOD and 1:1 computing initiatives. New learning models, including personalized learning with digital content and flipped classroom, require that every student has access to a device on the school’s network. Done right these initiatives are implemented within the network without impact to the student devices.

Join us to learn about safe methods to accept all devices onto your district or university network, along with:

  • The importance and uses of pervasive Wi-Fi access across the school district
  • Using SDN technology to integrate authentication and reporting systems from different vendors including firewalls and web filters
  • Comparing higher education and K-12 approaches to BYOD
  • Monitoring activities and guests to mitigate threats and risks on the network
  • Enforcing policy at the edge layer and containing Bonjour
  • Real examples of successful BYOD implementations and the technology behind it


  • Jeff Crawford, Manager of Networking and Security, East Grand Rapids Public Schools